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Walking trough Soviet Bunker

Išgyvenimo Drama was a bunker in the former USSR whose intention was a signal of soviet television in case of a nuclear war with the United States. Has 3,000 square meters of construction and is located near Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. As there was no nuclear war, this bunker was abandoned and sealed in 1991 during the struggle of Lithuania for independence. Today, Lithuania is a member of the European Community.
Now the bunker is a tourist site that offers a trip to 1984, showing what life was in that bunker in that year. There was controversy by the opening of this unique walking in 2008. The entry, the tourist is stripped of all their belongings, such as money, cellular phones, cameras, etc. They dress with coats soviets, used gas masks, forcing them to learn the soviet anthem, eat lunch at the time, and they see television programs of the year 1984. The tour takes about two and a half hours and costs $220.

Villa Eskimo in Slovenia

Inaugurate a hotel fact ice with capacity for 100 tourists; it has an area of 12 thousand square meters.
The center consists of a hotel-igloo with five apartments of ice, a village of igloos Eskimos classics, a bar and restaurant of ice, where the temperatures in some zero degrees
The ski center of mount Rogla, in the northwest of Slovenia, welcomed the “Villa Eskimo” , a hotel made of ice and that has a capacity of one hundred tourists .

The list of airport with Wi-Fi

The time at airports is sometimes lengthy, waits infinite and boredom total. Perhaps a wi-fi connection, a laptop and a chat with your partner romantic serve to make shorter hours.
So it is good to have to hand the list of airports where there is free wireless.
In this directory, is a very comprehensive list and recommendations to obtain the wi-fi free of charge at airports? The list is broad to airports in the United States.

The Right Place to Spend Summer Holiday

Where do you want to spend your summer holiday? Still have no idea? Well, you can consider that going to Arizona is the right choice. But, the problem is if you come from other country, you must know a tour guide which can bring you having a good trip and journey.

Not all tour guides are good, but you can find the best property management arizona which can bring you unforgettable moments in Arizona. Through, you can rent some place in a certain tourism object. There are actually some Arizona rental destinations such as Anthem, Cave Creek, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, etc. For more details, you can visit the site and see more details about the rentals.

In Arizona, there are many objects like what it has been stated above. They provide a great and refreshing circumstances as you spend your summer holiday. It is guaranteed for you that you can rent vilas, cabins, etc so that you can stay a little bit longer while you are enjoying a beautiful scenery which never been seen in a big town. From now on, visit, read the details and you can start to prepare you amazing summer journey.

Hotel Barceló La Jolla of Mismaloya

It is located in Jalisco, south of Puerto Vallarta. It is surrounded by jungle and golden sand. In addition to take the sun and remember that this place is famous because it was the scene of the film “The Night of the Iguana” with Ava Gardner, its restaurant, El Eden is a jewel that now give to your palate.
Calls its seafood with tortillas by hand. Average Spending per person: 50 to 150 pesos. It is also the Ecological Reserve Los Arcos, practiced diving by 220 pesos; tour of beach included. Hotel Barceló La Jolla of Mismaloya, all inclusive double room per night.