Japan: The Most Modern Country of The World

Japan is one of the countries most modern of the world, home of an ancient culture that is still simmering within the life of each of the inhabitants of this island Asian.

In total can be found to 127 million people living in Japan, thus the tenth most populated of the world, it also said that Tokyo is the urban area or largest city in the world since it is home to more than 30 million people.

There is that highlight the broad cultural tradition that manages this country, despite having already quite a few centuries of changes in their way of life is possible to find still to people who revives each of the traditions of this country. Buddhism is the religion more practiced, being the Shinto the second with greater acceptance. The latter religion was the most popular in the seventh century. The new generations of young Japanese see religion as part of the traditional culture of their country and prefer keep something away from their practice, despite this still religions are common part of life in Japan.

Among their places more tourists found in the capital of Tokyo, and to cities such as Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nagasaki and Osaka, without neglecting the Mount Fuji, and also know the several temples that are posing in the country.

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