The destinations in geneva

Geneva is the second city of Switzerland after Zurich. It is also known as “International City”, as many organizations have global headquarters in it. Highlights of Geneva that reverses the highest percentage of its budget (20%) in culture. By their quality of life is considered one of the best cities around the world to live.

His name is celtic: Geneva. Geneva is at the mouth of Lake Geneva with the Rhone River and is surrounded by mountains, all in French territory. It is generally a city well cared for, with an old town well preserved, pedestrian streets, parks, and a cultural life attractive. The best time to visit Geneva is in the summer (June-August) when the weather is warm and pleasant. Anyway, during the rest of annoys a city so cold.

Tourist Attractions and places of interest:

Lake Geneva. Crossing the lake with the motorboats, from where they can obtain superb views of the city.

Jet d’Eau (Water Source). It is the Eiffel Tower in Geneva, with 140 meters in height, is the source highest in Europe.

Cathédral St Pierre. A church surprisingly small, but with a combination of styles (Romanesque, Gothic and neoclassical) interesting. Here preached the same John Calvin, one of the reformers.

English Garden. Works since 1854 and houses two facilities interesting: the National Monument and the Clock of flowers. The National Monument representing two women (Helvetia and Republic of Geneva), symbolizing the union of 1814. The Clock of flowers is decorated with 6,500 plants and is the largest in the world.

Wall of the Reformers. Devoted to the reformers more important, John Calvin (1509-64), Theodore of Bèze (1513-1605), John Knox (1513-72) and Guillaume Farel (1549-65).

Botanical Garden. With 28 hectares, have plants from all continents, a garden of the senses, exotic animals and a laboratory, among other things.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Located in an old factory, has four floors with exhibits to the style of the apartment of a collector French.

Museum of the Clock. Geneva has a tradition that watch is reflected in this museum.

House Travel. A museum that shows the life of the inhabitants of Geneva between the ages 14 to 19.

Flower Market of Place du Molard . An outdoor market where to get or simply appreciate flowers.

Place de la Madeleine. A market of books and clothing is here, open every day.

Jewelry and ecommerce. The major stores are located in the streets Rues Basses, Rue du Rhône, Rue de la Confederation, Rue du Marché and Rue de la Croix-d’Or.

Rhône and Martel. The first to Rue de la Confederation, the Segundo on Rue du Marché. Two places to buy and taste the famous Swiss chocolate.

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