Visit Bhutan

Few corners are on this planet in which, as happens in Bhutan, still can also be parked in dry life to the race that imposes the western world. Known for its inhabitants as the land of the dragon of thunder and by many of his fans as the last Shangri-Lá, this kingdom of the Himalayas the size of Aragon, encased giants Chinese and Indian, has remained closed to cal and singing to the rest of the world until three decades ago. In some way still is; more by desire of their rulers that by the shield natural that gives you a mountainous terrain dotted with sietemiles.

Only the national airline connects the airport of unemployment, the only of the country, with a handful of Asian cities; the traveler who want left mesmerizing by its landscapes and its spiritual way of life attached to the tradition and the Buddhist philosophy would have required to disburse beforehand a rate of between 165 and 240 dollars a day with, that yes, the basic accommodations, meals and transport including, apart from a guide to help them to decrypt the keys to this country in full transition from middle ages to the internet society and the conquest of space. The requirement is one of the many imposed by the government to scare away the mass tourism and preserve the identity of its inhabitants, which by law are obliged to wear the costume national.

Bhutan, which until the mid-1960S did not have electricity, roads, cars, has also been the last country on the planet in allowing the television, and only four years ago King Jigme Singye Wang chuck abdicaba in his eldest son to lay the foundations of a transition to modernity, becoming the democracy more young of the world to hold, at the end of last year, its first elections.

Bhutan is a country humble and agriculture, feudal in many aspects, but to change anda sobrado of temples centenarians alight at the top of phenomenal cliffs of villages intact among the forests that cover three quarters of its geography, valleys and rice paddies and a nature exciting on which fly the flags of prayer. Not to mention the curious Index of happiness that gross, to complement the classic meter on the per capita income, coined the previous king.

Similar parentheses in the world noise gives rise to undertake unusual treks for sighting birds, orchids or medicinal plants or to dare with walks harsher and more altitude in the scarce tourists and the infrastructure, but also to withdraw to meditate, without giving the less comfort, installed in one of the luxury hotels of handful that treasured the country, where delivered a few days or weeks of yoga and holistic therapies with the need to rebalance body and mind, in an environment soaked of spirituality.

Getting there

Only the national company, Drukair, connects the city of unemployment with a handful of points in Asia as Delhi (flights from Spain with Swiss, in addition to Kathmandu, Bangkok and Calcutta. Specialists in tours, as Nuba, proposed routes a week, with travel and visits by the essential points of the country and accommodation in their best hotels, in addition to classes with teachers of yoga individuals and up to the opportunity to visit a lamasterio for those who seek catching of the spirituality of the country. The prices based on 4,000 € without including the international flights.

Where to sleep

The Uma Unemployment opened five years ago in the once home to a noble Bhutanese as one of the few luxury hotels throughout the country. Its 30 rooms, villas and suites, exquisite taste, integrated with naturalness staggering the aesthetic with local flat screens and the mats of yoga. Because, in addition to an establishment from which to discover the temples and valleys of Bhutan, this boutique-hotel is conceived as a retreat to rebalance mind, body and soul. For this, in addition to the spirituality and the silence of the environment, account with the ‘As Shambhala Retreat’, that more than a spa to use to combine holistic therapies of Asian inspiration, as the ayurvedic medicine, with a diagnosis custom to improve the living habits of each guest, a kitchen organic with which maximize the energy and welfare or a flag of yoga outdoors in the instructors of internationally renowned come at times to provide full weeks of therapy.


The cuisine of Bhutan is difficult for the European palate. They are widely used hot peppers, as well as the meat of yak and pork, accompanying almost any dish with rice. The national dish is the ema datse, with outbreaks of Chile in cheese sauce. Specialties include phagshaphu, strips of fat dried pork in a stew of turnips or radishes and chiles; the gondomaru, scrambled eggs cooked in butter; the bjashamaru, a stew of chicken in salsa of butter and garlic; or the sicum paa pork with dried chiles. The best gastronomic experiences can be found in their luxury hotels, such as the Uma Unemployment or the Amankora, both in Unemployment, or the Taj Tashi Thimphu.

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